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What do you like?

Posted by Caerball - May 11th, 2021

I normally draw small breasted ladies and freckles. For kinks, just check out what I already have posted.

What kinds of stuff are you into?

Do you enjoy small breasted ladies in lewd works?(I hope so if you follow me, because I feel it'll suck if not lol)

Tell me something about yourself and or your art!

I hope y'all have a good day and that your projects are successful. <3


Comments (2)

I think small boobs certainly have their merit and are somewhat under-repped in online art in favor of the opposite end of the spectrum. It really bothers me to no end when people draw girls with just these positively MASSIVE honkers, like as big as their head. It's somewhat defensible with OCs, they can be whatever you want, but with fanart and shit it just doesn't make sense to me, the character already has a pre-established design, WHY ARE YOU BREAKING IT LIKE THIS? I prefer artists like Akai Riot, who keeps his characters relatively modest and realistically proportioned (if not just a bit busty), because in real life, the large majority of women don't have enormous boobs.

So, venting of personal frustrations aside, yeah, I can get behind some bitties every once in a while. While I'm not like over-the-moon in love with them or anything, I can appreciate them for what they are and the unique variety they bring to the table. Small-breasted ladies are pretty rad.

Yee. I try sticking to the design the creator sets for their characters. Like Tifa isn't flat chested, but fanart warped people's view on her chest size honestly. I might mostly be strongly into small breasts I can enjoy a c or even d cup if done well. But the giant sized breasts confuses me tbh...like why is it sexy to people? Same with extremely large junk. I might be into men and women, but gigantic body parts is...meh for meh. I wish I knew more artists who did small titties, because I rarely actually find them anywhere, I left twitter because 95% of the art was massive hentai titties and people insulted my OCs for not being massive chested. Kinda sucks when your favorite creation is bashed for not havign larger than a a/b cup chest over the stuff they draw.

Thanks for commenting you views on it. :)

@treeese @Caerball No prob, I saw your post in the little section on the bottom of the home page and it piqued my interest. Sorry to hear about Twitter, I never figured the Twitter audience would actively be mean to someone for such an inoffensive thing, but you can never really tell with that crowd. I'd tell you about some artists I know of who specialize in small-boobed girls, but I don't really know any, sadly. I can think of some artists with CHARACTERS that fit that bill, like @.slugbox or @.Fizintine on Twitter, but they're a figurative deserted island in a sea of milk, so to speak, so I don't know how helpful that is to you.

I also agree with what you said about the giant parts. I might not be into dudes, but when I try to put myself into the shoes of someone who is I simply don't get how someone could be into an anthro wolf (or really any kind of OC for that matter, I just tend to notice it with furries the most) with a penis the size of a futon. Like...how does he walk? Or go about daily life? What about the lady with the tits large enough to use as a beanbag? How does she stand up without breaking her spine? How does she put a shirt on? I dunno, people are into what they're into, I guess, it isn't exactly a very easy thing to explain to people. Still doesn't mean I don't understand it.